With a strong corporate and social responsibility embedded into our company ethics, we take a green approach and outlook on everything we deliver, which also gives you the peace of mind that you are proactively supporting the well being of your employees, customers and the environment we live in.

 Phil Gray

Office Manager

We opt for a simple and straight forward approach when doing business, always keeping our customers informed so you know what will be delivered, what the time frames are and costs incurred through clear project management and planning exercises.

GMS is a family run business set in the heart of Buckinghamshire, South of England. With a wealth of over 20 years experience in the industry, we operate as an independent supplier to offer impartial advice and guidance on the best equipment and leading technology, creating the perfect building environment to suit your needs.

Simon Gray

Managing Director

Our credibility in the market and many successful projects delivered, gives GMS the highest confidence in the quality of our services which we utilise in all the customer projects we engage in.

Meet the Team

Vanessa Gray

Company Secretary

As a major competitor in the Industry, most our work is undertaken through reputation. We have delivered successful projects across commercial, retail and domestic environments, offering an end-to-end personalised and tailored service for Air Conditioning, Plumbing/Heating and Ventilation Solutions.